Monday, May 12, 2008

Education: Are We Truly Educating Our Students?

No Child Left Behind?

O.K., most people really don't know what goes on inside a school except on open house night, parent teacher conferences, or report cards.

In the past eight years, there have been major changes in the way schools are run. While there is a degree of tax payer money that is now subsidizing private schools, there are other issues which must be addressed.

The very nature of testing is a good idea. Schools, students, and teachers need a degree of accountability in their job, as does every other profession in the United States. (Except CEO's and boards of directors who appear to get paid and even rewarded for driving companies into the ground.)

Teach to the Test
While there are many criticisms of the NCLB Program, I would like to draw the reader's attention to the lack of fiscal responsibility taught to students. It is becoming quite apparent that financial responsibility is not being taught to anyone who attends schools throughout the United States. Sure students may be able to quote Shakespeare, regurgitate Quantum Theory, and even understand the intricacies of the Electoral College...but give a recent grad from high school or college a credit card and all @#$% breaks loose.

While I do not contend to much of a conspiracy theory type, I have concluded that either:

1. Educators from all over The United States are too worried about passing the test to give practical education classes.

2. Or, people are being kept stupid so the F.I.R.E. Economy can take advantage of everyone.

Are We Truly Educating Our Students?
In a day and age where personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high, alternative energy appears to be the wave of the future, and geo-science/exploration should be pushed harder than ever before in school, I find it troubling that many schools find themselves worried about issues that may not be as practical in the real world. Creative approaches and thinking outside the box is needed more than ever. After all, it has been America's ability to invent and innovate which have brought so much prosperity to this country. If Eisenhower and Kennedy could pledge to put a man on the Moon (in essence a race against the Russians in science and math), we should reconsider the direction we will take the next generations of Americans. Anything less would fail the American people.

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AX said...

NCLB is right up there with ESL as one of the biggest flops in American education hx. Can't read, can't go on. Natural Selection. Maybe Wally will make a shot tonight and give the Cavs some help....