Sunday, September 19, 2010

Give and Take... Upcoming Economic Calendar...

Give and Take...
If we are to believe that politics are the legal equivalent of warfare, we should anticipate a bloodbath in the November elections for the Democratic Party.  It is not so much the Democrats fault that the economy is still in the tank but, they are simply the party in power now... and people are getting tremendously impatient with the recovery... or lack thereof.  

One issue that will have dire consequences for the upper 1% of Americans is the Bush-era tax cuts.  The mid-term election is as much about the economy as it is about the needs of this country's elite. And, it is my belief that we will have a series of bad reports this week which will tighten the noose around the neck of Democratic incumbents...  Simple skate-goats for a much bigger cause. 

As for Cuyahoga county there is a real opportunity for change... and a pro-business county leadership will help grow Cleveland.  And once the growth is over, then liberals can return to give it all away again...

Economic Calendar

Sept. 20 Home builders' index     13                13
Sept. 21 Housing starts               530,000       546,000
Sept. 23 Jobless claims               458,000       450,000
Sept. 23 Existing home sales        4.10mln         3.83 mln
Sept. 23 Leading indicators              0.2%             0.1%
Sept. 24 Durable goods orders        - 1.4%          0.4%
Sept. 24 New home sales           300,000        276,000

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Economic Calendar


Briefing Forecast    Market Expects      Prior

Sep 8
  Crude Inventories  09/04
Sep 8  Fed's Beige Book  SepNANANA-
Sep 8
   Consumer Credit  Jul
Sep 9  Initial Claims  09/04
Sep 9   Continuing Claims  08/284450K4445K4456K-
Sep 9
   Trade Balance  Jul-$46.5B-$47.2B-$49.9B-
Sep 10    Wholesale Inventories  Jul0.5%0.4%0.1%-