Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GOING, GOING, GONE...Stock Moves, and Confesions of a Spend-Thrift Part II

Going, Going, Gone...
Boom and Doom called it several days ago...and after ANOTHER blown save last night, it was confirmed today, that Indian's Closer Joe Borowski is hurt. He was hiding or pitching through an injury.Borowski was placed on the 15 day DL with a strained tricep. According to a reliable source, the scouting report suggested that Borowski was actually injured last week when he gave up the walk-off grand slam against Anaheim. I could care less if the Indians are playing the "World Champs" of baseball. The tribe had these characters on the ropes last year in the ALCS and missed a golden opportunity to make it to the BIG SHOW. Last night was just a nice opportunity to tweak Boston's nose a bit. While the Tribe has traditionally been slow starters, it is apparent that help is needed in the bull pen. The bats should...should come alive in time. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery to Joe Borowski.

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Stock Moves
National City Bank (NCC)
crossed into ITM territory on the 10/8s put, and will undoubtedly return there soon. In my heart of hearts, I would hate to see Cleveland lose a business that has in some way shape or form been a part of the community for well over a 100 years. Like so many other U.S. companies...blame the management...or should we term them the MIS-MANAGEMENT! As long as the upper crust of this fine organization plotted a collision course with bankruptcy, it is only logical to profit from it. While the old CEO still has a reasonable chunk of change tied up in the bank...he got out when the getting was good. The X-CEO still holds $8,ooo,ooo in NCC stock...this could be a hedge against potential law suits or possibly a true sign of character...sadly something we have become less and less accustomed to in the corporate world of caviar and corporate jets.

PetroQuest (PQ) is on the radar screen. It is a stock that I have been tracking for a couple of weeks now, and it appears to be poised for a peak oil break-out. This little winner is all about building long-term cash flow, not the Jedd Clampit "Strike it Rich" mentality. PQ also trades at the low end of similar companies making it a natural fit for the value investor. Management appears to have a strong and long outlook for building this one into a winner! 10/20s@2.60 already up 10% today!

Still watching a few others (winners/losers) which will be mentioned when the blog is updated again as of Thursday. Still reeling in pain every time the WGO ticker rolls by...today closing at $15.02!

Confessions of a Spend-Thrift
One man's mission to beat the credit card companies at their own game became a source of amusement.
At one point in time, I carried $6,000.00 of a 0% interest on Citi Card then rolled it to a Chase Card from 2006 to the present. According to the very conservative numbers of CPI, I have already beaten the credit card companies. The amount of $6,000.00 in 2006 is the equivalent of $6,300.39 in April of 2008. And it hasn't cost me a dime! Naturally, I do not plan of carrying this debt forever. This year I plan on paying half of it down. I will roll this debt one more time to a card that allows 18 months of 0% APR. To me it is part of a personal war I have waged against the new loan sharks of the 21st Century...credit card companies. I wonder if Visa and Master Card can take the hit?

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