Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ride the Wave? Reality Check...

Keeping up with this blog has been a challenge. I am back in season... that is transitioning from soccer season to wrestling season. Demands on time limit my opportunities to write the blog. However, that is no lack of observations on this end.

First and foremost, I have traded out of PQ... and traded back into to it the other day. The former garnered me a 300% + profit.... I have limits on all of my options as of now... and allowed this trade to execute. I entered back into to OTM calls on PQ now hoping that the few cents that I wagered will in fact role into a nice bankroll just in time for me to make another go at the housing market this spring.
I was also able to reap a 75% profit on CLF puts which I knew were in for a sell-off. Still though, LVS and a few other January puts could be what the doctor ordered.

I find it interesting that the market was selling off on interest rate worries yesterday, and today phony GDP numbers (laced with stimulus and cash for clunker dollars) paved the way for a 200 point rally. Maybe another component of the rally deals with increased demand for American products due to a weakened dollar. Regardless, this is the market we have... and it is the one we have to play.

Reality Check

If my wife and I are and indication, then Generation Xers are definitely living in a state of denial if not complete oblivion. My wife and I visited the STRS counselors on Wednesday evening. We are doing a bit of retirement planning... and retirement planning these days is like trying to catch a speeding bullet with your teeth. The counselor said that we are the youngest couple she has ever seen at one of these retirement meetings. If this is the case, then I will assume that most people really do not put much thought into retirement until it is too late. My wife and I are both kicking around small business ventures that will generate passive residual income, while not compromising our family life. My suggestion is that all followers of this blog should see a financial professional sometime int he future if for no other reason than to plot a future.

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