Saturday, October 3, 2009

College Football... Stock Trades...

College Football...

I am not sure if any reader at this juncture would/should follow my college football selections since I have have managed to go 0-6 the last two weeks. However, I will look toward vindication, as I have never had a losing season in football selections. This week I like:
S. Florida-6.5
C. Florida-7

Stock Trades...
I entered into 1/7.5s calls on PQ at .35... It was... was.. on a terror until the Purchasing managers report on Thursday left off a bit of steam. News that three more rigs will be on line soon. Couple this with a weaker dollar and this one should have a decent run.

I entered into LVS 11/13s puts... and was immediately rewarded with a 10% loss in the option value. However, I look for a rather bleak economic picture to take a bit of sap out of this tree.

NEOP reached a 52 week high of 1.40 before selling off a bit. Should make another run at 1.50

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