Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mr. Lee's Update...The Thin Blue Line

Another rough week for Mr. Lee...

Well over a month ago, Mr. Lee was a guest on Bloomberg TV. He was able to predict that the market was in position to stage a big turn-around at year's end... and he even went as far as saying that his calculations and data suggested that there was a 100% probability for accuracy! That is what really turned my head. Since that time, I have followed this investment professional's stock picks... Evidently, Mista Lee must be looking for a second half rally. Personally, I would be looking for the lynch mob had this been my money...

If you had a 100 K in each of these investment ideas this is where you would be as of 7/11/2008!

XLE down $4,220.00 or 4.22%

XLY down $2,910.00 or 2.91%

XLF down $4,650.00 or 4.65

This is no mistake...that would have the $300 k investor down over $11 k. I am sure that this market has thrown a number of investment managers for a loop. However it just goes to show the reader that no one is right all of the time. That is why I go back to the old cliche... "No one will take better care of your money than you!" If you need further evidence look at the number of losers for mutual funds YTD the next time you seen the business section of the paper. Then think of the saps that are just plowing their monies into a losing proposition... The best money invested is that you have direct control of!!!

John D. Rockefeller would say "Turn every disaster into an opportunity." As we sit back and watch the market meltdown, we must remember to take advantage of the situation. As for me, I am short!

The Thin Blue Line
I guess we never really think about it... Maybe it is something we take for granted. But there are people who put their lives on the line for us each and every day. There is a thin blue line that protects us from the bad guys. This morning in Twinsburg, OH we are reminded of this fact with the shooting death of one of our own police officers. A senseless death, as many of them are. A routine traffic stop, and 23 year old male with music too loud, an altercation, a shot, and now a dead police officer. It didn't have to end this way. A widow... one who is still on maternity leave... and a child who will never know her/his father. Just stories, pictures, and an American flag with sharp folds in the shape of a triangle.

To this day, I am always nervous when a police officer pulls me over I know I was driving a couple of miles over the speed limit... and under no circumstances would I dream of fighting with one or arguing, let alone shooting one. That's just crazy... No crazy isn't the right word... and I don't think ignorant fits either. Ignorant means you are just uneducated... and a 23 year old who went through that school district is definitely educated. Maybe an anarchist "someone who does not respect the rules and standards of a civilized society is the only term that would fit. After all, an authority figure is an authority figure.

While the story is unfolding and many details are still unknown we are reminded of the fragility of life. There are no guarantees of tomorrow, just the here and now. Secondly, we should be prepared to meet our maker. I always knew about the people who really put their lives on the line. Memorial Day always drove it home. Then, there was 911. Again, I was reminded of this two years ago when Major Stephen Reich was KIA in Afghanistan on a rescue mission. He was many of our service professionals who put it on the line every day! Like Jefferson says, "The only guarantees in life are death and taxes." As for me, I going down to spend some quality time with the family. Please keep the family, friends, fellow officers, and everyone who protects us in your thoughts and prayers.

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