Thursday, June 27, 2013

McCarthy v.s. Skilling: Do They Both Deserve Death?

In Huntsville Texas Kimberly Lagayle McCarthy was executed.  She was convicted for the horrific murder of a 71 year old college professor in 1997. The murder was particularly brutal in that McCarth repeatedly stabbed the woman, then used the same butcher knife to cut a wedding ring off her victim's hand.  She was a cocaine addict at the time of the crime.  A re-trial produced the same guilty verdict. McCarthy was on death row for the past 16 years awaiting here rendezvous with destiny.  There is so place in our society for this type of behavior. Her execution was simply justice served.  It is unfortunate that McCarthy chose to live her life under the influence of drugs, and even more devastating that she saw a benefit in taking the life of another human being.  It is hard to make a case why anyone would be opposed to capital punishment in this case.

I would however like readers to look at another story that probably slipped below the radar of most Americans.  Jeffrey Skilling is seeking early release from prison.  This is one of the two scam artists who orchestrated the biggest financial scam in American History.  Enron destroyed billions of investor dollars. Wiped out pension plans of employees. Was responsible for raising energy rates in California to crippling levels. And cost various pension funds billions in irrecoverable funds.  Many pensions where workers now have to work more years, pay more in benefits, and receive less income in retirement. (See how two systems were effected.)  A case can be made that Skilling et. al. had a more devastating and harmful effect on this country than murder... and murder as we know is a death penalty offense!

Kenneth Lay, affectionately known to G.W. Bush as "Kenny Boy" escaped his prison term with an early death.  Many believe that Skilling should have received the same fate.

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