Monday, August 13, 2012

Eye Off the Ball... Unique Political Ads.

As we gear up to be bombarded by political ads for the Presidency, it is important to note that our eyes are taken off the ball.  Sure, we can get behind a candidate and believe they truly represent our political views.  But in reality, most Americans agree with neither party completely.  Others look at Presidential candidates and have decided to vote for the lesser of two evils... in essence they choose the candidate who they think to do the least amount of damage to our country.

Interestingly enough, a Presidential election takes our eye off the ball.  The true power of democracy lies in the legislative branch of government.  Article I Section I of the U.S. Constitution describes powers vested in Congress.  It should be noted that Congress is in charge of spending.  Congress declares wars.  Congress sets tax policies. And, it is Congress that passes laws.  The Executive Branch directs Congress.  But Congress has the power to vote yes, no, or completely ignore a President's wishes.

One of biggest issues facing D.D. right now is the demographics of people who are in power.  The vast majority of leadership is of the Baby Boom generation.  This generation is characterized as revolutionary.  When there are extremists of both groups in power... nothing big is accomplished.  Nothing except the push of radical agendas.  It is a sad state of affairs when political moderates like Steve LaTourette leave Congress.  He described the political atmosphere of Congress, and a radical agenda of his own party as motivating factors of an early retirement.

Our country has been based on the art of compromise.  Actually, compromise is the foundation of it.  Our Constitution had a Great Compromise, a Three-Fifths Compromise, and even a compromise between Federalists and Anti-Federalists over ratification.  Democracies fail when the art of compromise is lost.  One needs no other example that the American Civil War.

Interesting Interactive Political Ad.  (Click the Link)  

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