Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ohio Issue 2 Facts: KASICH's Self-Made Mess

John Kasich and his GOP Zombies have painted themselves into a corner.  While Kasich has made it known that "You should get on the bus, or get run over by the bus", I believe the Governor, and his political allies will re-evaluate the way they have handled themselves after 11/8.  No one likes to be pushed around.  No one likes the three yards and a cloud of dust approach to politics.  Check out these special interests.  Click Here

The Ohio Round Table, an ultra-conservative group has filed suit against Governor Kasich for his back-room dealing with racetracks, and their ability to place slot machines inside.  The casino referendum last year only allowed slot machines inside casinos.  The racetrack industry wants the one-armed bandit too; but the Ohio Constitution forbids it.  Unfortunately, it appears the rule of law, and the Ohio Constitution will not stop Kasich from bullying the general public, and looking out for his special interests.  In the story, the Ohio Round Table referred to Kasich as an ANARCHIST who does not follow the rule of law.  Of course, this flies in the face of our democratic ideals as well.  (Click here for the Audio)

Then there is the Issue 2 debate that has become the center stage of his administration.  And a NO VOTE (Which I strongly encourage) really becomes the No Vote on his entire administration. While Ohioans are in the most general terms, a very common sense group, most will agree that Kasich has handled himself in-appropriately in the SB5 debate. His statements and half-truths about the 300 page bill has illuminated his true character.  The latest PP Poll shows that Kasich would lose to former Governor Ted Strickland by a 54-40% Margin...  (Click Here for Link)   

Finally, given the opportunity to close existing tax loopholes, search for creative ways to address the budget, and even negotiate with unions (who have already made tremendous concessions via collective bargaining), Kasich has done permanent damage to the GOP in Ohio.  There were a few brave GOP members who stood against the renegade tactics of a governor gone wild.  But most statewide Republicans will pay dearly in the next election cycle. Not only did Kasich ostracize a very important and traditionally supportive voting block, he ran over them with the bus.  There were a lot of people who thought they were Republicans, only to have the governor and GOP turn on them.  What can you expect out of a guy who refers to a police officer as an idiot

At the end of the day, Ohioans will evaluate the governor and his antics.  The people will decide if they are "with" him and on the bus... or whether they are against him and getting run over by the bus.  Regardless of the vote, John Kasich could well be his own worst enemy. 

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