Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Labor Day Tea Party and Cookies: No on Issue 2

Tea and Cookies aren't for everyone!!!

Last week at Open House, a Case Western Reserve Professor and out-spoken critic of Governor Kasich tried to explain the political landscape in Ohio, as well as other states where public unions are under attack.

"Pretend you are sitting down at a table with a CEO, Tea Party Member, and Union Employee.  There are 15 cookies to be split among the three of them.  The CEO takes 14 cookies and stuffs them in his pocket.  The CEO then tells the Tea Party Member that the Union Employee is try to steal his cookie."  

The analogy makes pretty good sense.  After all, tax structures are made to benefit the well-to-do, and the corporations.  And I do believe that those who run companies, create wealth, and employee fellow Americans should have a favorable tax environment. The question is how much is enough?  

Likewise, we can appreciate any politician who is careful with public monies.  The goal is not to squander or be a careless steward with tax money.  For instance the is trying to figure out what happened to $30 billion dollars in unaccounted funds between Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or you could be a hypocrite like GOP Senator Neihaus champions cuts to the public sector, then gives his office staffers a retroactive pay-raise.  Even some of the most ardent Rush Limbaugh supporters think this Ohio Senator has lost his mind.

So on Labor Day rest, but do not rest too comfortably.  There is a collective effort to undermine the public workers of this great state. And if this succeeds, who will be next?

Stock Watch

Opened a position in PQ when a limit order was filled two weeks ago @ $6.10.

Looked at GLD Options which are completely OUT of SIGHT!!!  Maybe will add a limit order and hope for a sell-off.  Methinks Europe's debt, and soverign debt issues will not be solved anytime soon!!!

Investment Watch
Formed an LLC which will handle both speculative and non-speculative business ventures.  Will write more on this subject next blog.

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