Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Trend is a Trend, the Question is Will it Bend? Just Plain Dumb..

A few quick observations which means I will not be addressing the Intrinsic Investing Part II... at least not yet!

If we are playing a trend here, it would appear that the market could be positioning itself for a small rally... that is if the bad news continues to roll in...

Unemployment numbers will be ugly again, but Congress in working on legislation that will "cram down" mortgages for for home owners. Does it fire up the average schmo in the United States? You had better believe it will. This bill will, to some extent be political suicide for its makers... and will offer plenty of fodder for the next election.

Just Plain Dumb
Teh Brady Bunch was one thing... This is another... I have about had it with dumb parents. The mother (if you want to call her that) in California with the 14 kids... You know, the proud mother of octuplets should be ashamed of herself. Unfortunately, the world is turned upside down as she is receiving donations... air time... and even handouts. If there was any sense of justice, this woman should be forced to give up her children... especially if she cannot take care of the ones she already has. Rule of thumb number one is if you can't take care of yourself, then don't have kids. The doctor at the bare minimum should have his medical license taken away. Better yet, maybe he can be the one to take care of the children. If... (and it's a big if) if this woman really lover her children, she would give them up for adoption. Mark my word, she could well become the poster child for welfare reform in the state of California. Evidently, there are not enough hurting people for large public outcry to this woman. Actually, she has become a celebrity. I wonder if her new-found stardom will create more copycats?

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DCNorth said...

Hey Coach!

I cannot believe how that nutjob of a woman is being celebrated. She apparently owes the government 1M in fees for having those kids!

The doctor is by no means innocent by any means. He should be bled dry to pay for all of those kids medical expenses due to his gross negligence.

As for the market...the direction is...I totally do not have a clue!