Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Response from Sherrod Brown...

Dear Reader,

I will post the reply I received from Sherrod Brown's ofice. I will post the rather pointed letter I sent to Congressmen LaTourette, Paul, Brown and Voinovich sometime tomorrow. I believe this appears to be a general response letter from Brown's office, as it does not address some of the critical points of my letter. Still, Brown's office has good PR.

A Response from Sherrod Brown's Office...
Dear Mr. Davis:

Thank you for getting in touch with me about legislation to promote an economic recovery. I have heard from many Ohioans sharing their ideas for how to best stimulate the economy and which proposals they believe should or should not be included in this legislation. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and suggestions with me.

Last year the economy shed 2.5 million jobs. We now face the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The federal government must act to restore confidence in our economy, create jobs, and rebuild our nation's aging infrastructure. From shrinking retirement funds to high unemployment rates to stagnant wages, Ohioans are facing tremendous economic hardship.

It is important that our approach be timely, targeted, and temporary. Among the fastest and most effective ways to assist Americans in desperate need is by increasing funding for safety net programs, such as those for energy assistance, health care, and nutrition, as well as providing states with the help they need to continue providing necessary services.

Another important step we can take is to invest in our nation's infrastructure. Studies indicate that not only do these projects create jobs, but every dollar spent on infrastructure adds $1.59 to our economy. Infrastructure projects that improve our roads and water systems and invest in alternative energy and mass transit projects not only help rebuild our state, but promote much needed economic growth. I am working to ensure that these funds are targeted to states like Ohio that have been hardest hit by this economic downturn.

There is no doubt that our nation is in need of an economic jolt and that middle class families need help. As debate surrounding the economic recovery package continues, I will certainly keep your thoughts in mind.

Thank you again for being in touch with me.

Sherrod Brown

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