Sunday, September 28, 2008

Figures Dont Lie... But Liars Figure...

We had a neighbor who was one of the sharpest people I have ever met. Street wise! He was the general manager of a Buick dealership for 25 years. Not only did he know how to sell himself, but also his ideas. He had an uncanny ability to read people's thoughts and emotions. He knew exactly which buttons to push in a sale, and when to say nothing. In the day, he had won GM's highest distinction "The Mr. Goodwrench Award" seven times! This award was given to the best GM dealerships throughout the country! I learned more in the two years he was my neighbor, than during any time of my formal education.

"Figures don't Lie... But Liars Figure."
One Thing Chuck told me was that "Figures don't Lie... But Liars Figure." And I could only apply this to the monkey business that has our Congress racking their brains, trying to figure a way to save Wall Street... and to a lesser extent save Main Street. Anytime Lobbyists are helping design a plan that works best for them, you know you are in trouble.!!!

How much is $700 Billion anyway?
This was a fun exercise. If one were to compare a every dollar in this bailout package to a second in time... How long ago was a billion seconds?

1. 3600 seconds in one hour.
2. 8,6400 seconds are in one day.
3. 604,800 seconds in a week.
4. 31,536,000 seconds in a year.
5. 311,536,000 seconds are in a decade. (A decade ago Clinton was still President.)
6. 3,153,600,000 seconds are in a century.(Model A Ford was going into production.)
7. 31,536,000,000 seconds are in a millennium. (The Middle Ages in Europe.)
8. 63,072,000,000 seconds ago Jesus walked the Earth...
9. 315,360,000,000 seconds are in a 10,000 year period...
(10,000 years ago we were in the Stone Age.)
10. 701,925,200,000 seconds equals... 22,575 years ago

Other interesting number to Digest
In his three year tenure as CEO of Goldman-Sachs Henry Paulson earned $110,000,000 million dollars. That equals $33,333,334.00 dollars a year. (This is well over the one dollar per second rate!)

Last Rites
WaMu CEO Alan Fishman looks to collect $18,000,000.00 for reading WaMu its last rites. Fishman was on the job for less than three weeks while WaMu finished its collapse. This equals out to an average of $6 million dollars per week, or roughly $750,000 dollars per day. Not bad for a company that went bankrupt!!!

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