Sunday, March 2, 2008

Predictions for 2008 Part I of a IV Part Series

1. The Republicans will win the 2008 Election.
Rationale:  McCain is a maverick in one of the
truest senses of the word. McCain has
consistently broken party lines and joined
moderates on both sides of the aisle. Do not
be surprised if he puts the election on its ear by
picking a Democrat (such as Joe Liberman) as
his V.P.candidate or even a Colin Powell type.
While Obama has the current momentum from big victories,
there are severalfactors that are working against him.
Several of these factors do not go beyond the
mere specter ofracism or pure speculation.
Let’s face it, the average voter is not that bright
and is notinterested in finding out the truth
A.  Barack H. Obama (Middle Name H is for
Hussein and Americans will not like it!)
B. Swore in on the
(Untrue since he is a Christian…
but ignorance is its own end.)
C. People question his loyalties because he
was once a Muslim(A Muslim in the White House?)
(Similar to how people questioned Kennedy’s
Catholicism and his true allegiance.)
D. Obama is of African-American descent
(While this should not be a factor, people will vote
against him because of it...sad but true.)
E. Rumored drug use. (While W. was known to
have his problems I believe Obama will be held
to a different standard.)
F. There is also an issue of bailing out of
Iraq which
could well be as unpopular as the war itself, most
Americans will look to finish the job.
said “Let us be dedicated to the unfinished
work which they have so nobly advanced.”
G. Special interests on both sides will mobilize
like never seen before. While there will be no direct
campaign contributions, look
for high-powered personal attack ads.
If you think big business will roll over
for Obama...think corporations:
…think oil
…think NRA…think Obama?…


Tiger Coach said...

From AX...
Coach, don't you think some people may be tired of the Republican thinking that
has, under the guise of fiscal conservatism, taken us to an all-time deficit?
Also, with comments like "I'll stay in Iraq for 100 years," it's possible a few
people will be turned off. The GOP isn't so popular right now....

Also, I guess I should ask you, how do I put up a subheading with a hyperlink to
your site, nice improvements by the way! Adam

Tiger Coach said...

Dear AX,

McCain is a moderate Republican and a pragmatist. While Obama may have the eyes and ears of the media now...the election is a long and drawn out endeavor.

As far as the 100 year comment by McCain...the full comment was along the lines as...We may be in Iraq for a 100 years if we can quell the violence. The point McCain is referring to is the fact that we have had soldiers in Germany, Philippines, S. Korea, etc. for over 50 years.
While I agree that the GOP isn't as popular right now consider the candidate...and watch the magic.

P.S. I received a letter from the RNC asking me if I have abandoned them...I promise I will send a letter back in their self-addressed stamped envelope saying YES!