Monday, February 11, 2008

U.S. Megatrends and beyond...

The purpose of this blog is to address some of the emerging U.S. trends and the effect of those trends on the broader global community. The blog will center on three critical issues including:
1. The unraveling of the U.S. economy. 2. The broader impact on the global markets. 3. The ways to prepare for the gathering economic storm.


Tiger Coach said...

The see-saw between inflation and deflation is an issue of concern. Currently, we (as a collective nation) are experiencing the fallout out of a housing boom that has gone bust and an over-extension of consumer credit. While every boom goes bust, this one has eerie similarity to the 1929 Crash...which was predicated on an over-extension of credit.

The housing market boomed because credit was easy...too easy. On the other hand, consumer credit (mostly credit cards) ( has seen over-spending from the most basic items such as groceries and gasoline to financing goods and services such as medical expenses and wide-screen TV's.

An economy based on pure consumption, and the credit over-load is an economy that is headed into the tank.

AX said...

Bri, I guess great minds think alike. I begin blogging in December and cover my investments and current trends I think will evolve or dissolve over the next year and how that relates to personal gain. I would like to hyperlink if possible, the more views, the better. I also offer gambling advice which may deter you, but please feel free to check it out and comment.


boom and doom said...


Good job on getting the blog going. I think this will be a good way for us to communicate and share information. Couple of questions?

1. Can anyone join this blog or only those that you invite?
2. Can those who register post to the blog or only comment on your posts?

As you can see I am a blog neophyte.

boom and doom said...

Here is a concrete example of what is happening out there with the mortgage crisis. As people in these situations continue to have these problems, housing values will continue to be deflated. This will then spill over into other areas of the economy causing deflation.

Tiger Coach said...

Is it true that the new tax credit we will receive is only a loan from the Federal government on our 2008 returns?

If this is the case, stimulating the economy first glance, the government appears to be in the PAYDAY LOAN BUSINESS? Hopefully I am wrong!

boom and doom said...

OK, here is what I got from going to the IRS website. The payment you receive this spring will not be taxable in 2008, nor will it reduce or increase your refund/payment when you file your 2008 return. However, if your income changes or dependents change, you may owe or get more money. That is why it is called a prebate. We are receiving a rebate on our 2008 taxes based on what we file for 2007. So, if anything changes that would change the amount of the payment you receive this spring (up or down), it will be adjusted accordingly on your 2008 return. I apologize because in other discussions I have misled some of you (and myself) in how this works. I based my analysis on faulty information rather than ensuring what I heard was true.